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Our team of cleaners are hardworking, friendly and reliable. Occasionally we work together on larger jobs and have a lot of fun while at the same time providing our customer with high quality cleaning. We have all been through security checks, are insured against accidents to customer property and are covered by the workplace safety and insurance board. This one is important to the customer because it can be costly if a cleaner twists an ankle or worse at their place without it. Click here for proof of our coverage. Our cleaning service is also flexible and by this I mean that if a customer needs to change the day of their cleaning we will do our best to accommodate by calling other customers to switch spots if the desired spot is not available. This also relies on other customers to help out as well.



In the bathroom we clean the toilet including the edge where the base meets the floor and the bowl inside and out. The bathtub, tile and if there is a walkin shower we’ll clean it’s glass thoroughly on both sides and polish the chrome mouldings. Not to be left out is the sink and faucet. We will also clean the underside of the sink which is often neglected by other cleaners.


In the kitchen we will move countertop appliances so we can clean the counter well. After that the cleaner will clean the outside of the countertop appliances, empty the toaster trays and return everything to its place. Cupboard fronts will be wiped for milk/coffee drips and then finishing in the kitchen with the microwave and polishing stainless steel fridge/stove, dishwasher and sink including faucet.


We try to be as complete as possible by making sure behind doors and under beds are vacuumed if possible.

Mopping: This tends to be rushed by other cleaning services as it is usually one of the last things done. We do it quickly but make sure of a quality job. We use a product we make ourselves from Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. It has a pleasant lavender scent that most customers notice as soon as they get home.


Picture tops done gently, coffee tables, tv/entertainment cabinets, nic naks within reason and anything else that needs to be dusted. We normally do not open buffet cabinets to dust fine china or wine glasses but we can at customers request.


Mirrors around the house, glass on interior doors and end tables with glass inserts.


We collect garbages from around the house and put in the main garbage in the garage or where the customer directs us to leave it.

How to get started

Find out what your regular price will likely be by using our automated quote tool. Just click the big button below. After you submit the form the system will send you an email with the estimated price for your location. From that point reply to our email to start the conversation.