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Office Cleaning Services

Janitorial cleaning services are important no matter what your business does, a clean office is important for your company’s reputation and more importantly the general Health and safety of the employee’s. It has been shown that excessive dust and the dust mites contained thereon (up to 6 mites on each spec of dust!) can cause allergies and asthma.

A clean environment reduces dust and germs which will in turn reduce the spread of sickness. A well kept office will reinforce your businesses well earned  image of organization and professionalism. Company employees are too busy and paid to well to be cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, dusting and emptying garbage cans. Also it can become a source of friction if only some of the staff contribute while others do not. Let ATC Cleaning office services take care of the cleaning at your office and avoid these conflicts and hassles. Please take a moment to Contact us today and setup a free consultation with one of our friendly and helpful representatives.

We understand that there are basic needs similar to each workplace such as bathrooms and kitchens which we take pride in maintaining at the highest level. We also realize that specific needs may be required at different locations. During the free consultation each client has the opportunity to customizes the cleaning program for their individual needs. Our goal is to provide a professional cleaning service in a personalised manner.

Entrust us with the important responsibility of keeping your office running smoothly. Allowing ATC Cleaning to cleanup daily disruptions of a messy workplace  enables employee’s to concentrate more effectively on their objectives. Please call us today to start the process of getting your office on our cleaning schedule.